6 Helpful Apps for Seniors & Aging Adults

Technology has become a part of most people‘s lives, including seniors and aging adults. As they navigate computers, tablets and cellphones, people in this age group have begun to rely on apps to help them complete tasks, remember obligations, secure safety and maintain general health and wellness. By encouraging an aging loved one to download a number of apps, family members can also help to better ensure their well-being remotely. According to the family-oriented website, here are six of the top applications for older adults:

Medisafe: Medisafe is a personalized medication management platform that helps patients stay on top of administration of all their medications. In addition to serving as a pill organizer, Medisafe connects users to their families for support, encouragement and expertise. The application learns about each user’s unique situation to deliver custom notifications for appointments, medication updates, refills, personalized health recommendations and discounts. The goal is to use Medisafe to ensure that users take their prescribed medication as needed.

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight: The Magnifying Glass + Flashlight app is an all-in-one magnifying glass, flashlight and camera snapshot app to help users to read even the tiniest print clearly. The built-in magnifier and LED torch flashlight can be used to read restaurant menus, medicine bottles and series numbers. The app itself features highcontrast mode, zoom magnification from 1X to 5X, and a library to save captured pictures.

GoodRx: GoodRx is a company and mobile application that helps users find the lowest local prices for their prescriptions at more than 70,000 U.S. pharmacies. They can also track prices and get notified with the latest savings alerts for their prescriptions. To take advantage of these potential offers, users just show the GoodRx app to their pharmacist when picking up a prescription.

LastPass: LastPass is a password manager application. A password manager is a tool that helps users create, remember and fill in their passwords. To do so, the user simply logs into an account for the first time, and LastPass stores their username and password. Every time they return to the app, their credentials are filled in automatically. With a built-in password generator, LastPass also helps users easily create a random password for every account, so they’re always protected from hacking.

Personal Capital: Personal Capital is an application that provides users with a whole new way to see, understand and manage their money so that they can live confidently and retire well. The free online tools allow users to view all of their accounts in one place, with a powerful dashboard to provide deep insights so they can understand their entire financial picture. As an investment client, a user’s dedicated fiduciary adviser will leverage these tools to provide personalized wealth management advice that the user can trust and understand. A tailored plan dynamically evolves with a user’s changing life, with an emphasis on holistic planning, risk management and after-tax returns.

Audible: Audible is an American online audiobook and podcast service owned by, Inc. The company has become a leading application creator and provider of premium audio storytelling, enriching the lives of millions of listeners every day. The company’s customer-centric approach to technological innovation and superior programming has helped to reinvent the media category. Users can download the Audible app to stream audiobooks and other forms of spoken word content.

More Apps for Older Adults