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professional therapy

Professional Therapy

Everyday Home Care provides professional therapy to clients after initial assessments determine the best treatment plan for you or your loved ones. Below are general definitions of services offered: ♦ Physical Therapy—the goal of Physical Therapy promotes wellness through increased physical activity. Our clinicians assist with increasing physical strength, re-establishing mobility, and reducing pain. ♦ Occupational Therapy—the goal of Occupational Therapy is focused on improving fine motor skills which are necessary in completing daily living tasks. Our clinicians help maximize your independence and refine motor dexterity by exercising small muscle groups. ♦ Speech Therapy—the goal of Speech Therapy combines assessment and treatments of impairments that may limit or impede one’s communication. This therapy may also be used by individuals who have issues with eating and swallowing from medical instances such as strokes, seizures, or other neurological disorders.

Speech Therapy

Everyday Home Care treats individuals who have communication deficiencies or have speech/hearing impairments. Our compassionate Speech Therapists will determine which program is best suited for your loved one. These programs include: ♦ Cognitive Skills Evaluation ♦ Communication options/alternatives ♦ Comprehension Skills Assessment ♦ Eating and swallowing strategies ♦ Sensory Skills Assessment ♦ Speech Articulation Exercise

Physical Therapy

At Everyday Home Care we provide necessary healing and support through Physical Therapy services focusing on: ♦ Physical Therapy focuses on areas such as: ♦ Pain Management ♦ Muscle Spasms/Strains Treatment ♦ Injury Treatment ♦ Balance and Coordination Training ♦ Range of Motion Exercises ♦ Post Surgery Care

Occupational Therapy

Regain your balance and your basic daily living skills with the help of Occupational Therapists at Everyday Home Care. Our clinicians provide services while demonstrating ways to recover faster or to manage mobility challenges. Occupational Therapy services cover: ♦ Balance Exercises ♦ Mobility and Health Assessment ♦ Energy Management and Conservation ♦ Sensory Functions Restoration ♦ Posture Correction ♦ Fall Prevention